Stencil Design Options

Below are the stencil design options, listed by category, that you may choose from:

(All designs are copyright and the property of Rica’s Bowtique.  You may not reproduce any design without permission from the company)

If you do NOT want one of the options below, then you MUST choose to have a custom sign made 🙂

All stencils are made to order and are one-time use.  The wording can be moved around at the class as you wish and you paint the sign whatever color you want at the class.  Colors are subject to availability.

For more information about how the classes actually work and how you make your sign please click here.

Sign Makers Club

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The monthly cost for this subscription will be $40.

Your purchase will include the following items each month to make your sign:

Stencil (if required for the month's painting)
Instructions via our closed Facebook group "Sign Makers Club"

Paint and other supplies can be purchased separately, but sometimes it also may be included with your sign. This is going to depend on the month's design.

Starter Kit includes the following:
2" Chip Brush
1" Chip Brush
Small round brush

Additional supplies you may need from home:
Paper plates
Paint (can be shipped to you as well)

Paint Kit - we can ship you the amount of paint needed for your project each month as well. The cost will vary, but in general it will be $3 per (2oz.) color (which is a $0.95 discount). This will be enough for more than one project in most cases.

Once you sign up for our sign makers club, we will send you a PayPal invoice for a monthly billing option (for future months). You can opt out at anytime, but the invoice must be paid monthly by the 15th so that your sign can be shipped out by the 5th of the next month.

For example, if you want the September sign, you must sign up and pay your invoice by August 15th so we can ship out your sign by September 5th. If you pay your invoice August 15-31, then you would not get the September sign, your sign would be shipped October 5th for the October monthly sign. If we have extra signs available after the 15th, we will be happy to ship you that current months sign, just check with us prior to ordering.

You can also choose to pick up your sign at The Collective located at 57 Price Rd. Newark, OH Friday & Saturday 9-5 & Sunday 12-4. Please be sure to choose which option you would like when you sign up. If you would like to change it at anytime, please notify us when paying your invoice.

You can opt back into the club simply by paying your invoice, but there is no guarantee that the current month's sign will be available so you may have to wait until the following month's sign comes out and is shipped out.

We are just starting this club, so there will be some changes made along the way, we thank you for your patience with this.

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